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Story Features

Logs & Long-Lines

'Fire-Sale' or 'Salvage' logging in the USA - whose proponents are as passionate about the subject as are its opponents - uses many methods to recover burnt tress and to reduce an area's fuel load. The use of helicopters to recover timber is the most expensive method but it has the least impact on the environment... Read More >>

The Dawn of a New Era in Zambia
(Story and Photos by Ned Dawson)

The Victoria Falls is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World and their awesome beauty is something that can only be fully appreciated from the air. Working with resort developer, Sun International, On Air has introduced the most modern helicopters and brought a level of service to clients unprecedented before in Africa... Read More >>

Change of Guard in the GOM
(Story by Mark Ogden, Photos by Ned Dawson)

Following a merger with previous competitor Tex-Air and purchase by SEACOR Holdings Inc., a publicly traded company (NYSE:CKH) and global provider of marine support and transportation services, primarily to the energy and chemical industries, Era Helicopters is embarking on a renewal and expansion program that will take it from Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico to the world... Read More >>

Life After Death
(Story and Photos by Ned Dawson)

Boxing Day 2004 was a day that literally changed the world. All around the Indian Ocean rim, coastal villages were obliterated from the face of the earth by a giant tsunami that left more than 273,000 people dead or missing, presumed dead and many thousands more struggling to come to terms with the catastrophic event that changed their lives forever... Read More >>

Twelve Minutes to Tranquillity
(Story by Sarah Bowen, Photos by Simon Browne)

It has been almost fifteen years since operations began from the Xewkija Heliport on Gozo, a picturesque Mediterranean island only 14 km long and 7 km wide; part of Malta. There we discovered that what was once a simple rural landing site, tucked away in the peaceful countryside while still peacefully tucked away in the countryside is now a modern facility that is indispensable to the island... Read More >>

Power To The Piston!
(Story by Mark Ogden, Photos by Ned Dawson)

The piston engine originally provided the helicopter with its lifting power - but it was the turbine that allowed the helicopter to realise its full potential. However, the piston engine has made a comeback, championed by the world's most popular helicopter - the Robinson... Read More >>

Aussie Aerial Cowboys
(Story and Photos by Ned Dawson)

Helicopters are indispensable tools in Australia's wide-open cattle country. Australia is the ultimate 'big sky' country. Much of the continent's interior lands are hot, dry and inhospitable to most cultivated crops, but the wide-open ranges 'Downunder' are ideal for raising cattle. .. Read More >>

Flying the Seventh Continent
(Story and Photos by Dustin Black)

Antarctica is one of the last great earth-bound frontiers for man. The helicopter is vital to life "on the ice" and invaluable to its exploration, but as Dustin Black explains, this last frontier presents some unexpected challenges for the helicopter and its pilot... Read More >>

(Story and Photos by Ned Dawson)

Being the launch operator for any new aircraft is a massive step forward. It takes lots and lots of intestinal fortitude, guts for short. Is the new machine going to work? Will it live up to expectations? Dave and Patti Chevalier, owners and operators of Blue Hawaiian Helicopters in Hawaii, have every right to be nervous about laying out more than US$17 million for ten brand new Eurocopter EC-130-B4s. That's a lot of cash and a lot of helicopters... Read More >>

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