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Long Live the Stallion

Story by John Milliman and Ken Delve, Photos by Ted Carlson

The CH-53E Super Stallion has impressive performance, actually being able to outrun its AH-1W SuperCobra and UH-1N Twin Huey escorts. With its seven blades and trio of engines, it can also out turn them as well!

AT THE SAME TIME as supporting the Marine Corps' current fleet of hectic, tired and under-resourced CH-53E 'Stallion' heavy-lift helicopters, Colonel Paul Croisetiere is responsible for overseeing the multi-million dollar program to bring the next generation Stallion to life. The helicopter currently exists only as a Marine Corps 'Operational Requirements Document' and as a poster on the wall of his office. Much falls to Croisetiere in making the helicopter a reality and to bring it in on time

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Heli Tac Magazine

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Published on: 2006-03-18 (1376 reads)

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