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HeliTorque :: View topic - Hi All, New Member
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Hi All, New Member
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Shy 'Torquer
Shy 'Torquer

Joined: Mar 03, 2008
Posts: 2
Location: Clearance On Request...


PostPosted: Mon Mar 03, 2008 6:35 pm    Post subject: Hi All, New Member Reply with quote

wanted to start by saying hi. i'm new to these boards, glad to have found a helo-oriented site! i'm a NYC-based corporate pilot on a Bell 222 helo, been flying for years now and i'm typed on the UH-60A/L and Bell 412EP. again, hi!
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Joined: Jul 17, 2004
Posts: 742
Location: United Kingdom | Birmingham


PostPosted: Mon Mar 03, 2008 8:15 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi there,

Welcome to the site. Hope you enjoy it. We have a lot of information on the sites forums which hopefully you will find useful.

Bell 222 eh? I can't even start to tell you how much I adore those helicopters, just ask my wife (WhirlyGirl) or anyone that knows me!! Smile

Just out of interest, what is your history in helicopters. How did you start and what jobs have you undertaken and / or are doing now?

Speak to you soon.

Best wishes,

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Shy 'Torquer
Shy 'Torquer

Joined: Aug 15, 2008
Posts: 4

PostPosted: Fri Aug 15, 2008 11:26 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Also a new member, thought rather than start a new thread, I'd just tag onto this one Smile

I've already asked a stupid question in the technical forum Wink

Life story and aviation background on me:

My first memory is the moment I decided I wanted to fly at the age of 2. At 5yrsold I had made the decision that I wanted to fly F-111's for the RAAF and I've dedicated my life so far to achieving that (just a few more steps in the tediouse path to go!).

SO needness to say, I'm a fixed wing/military aviation fanatic and Rotary aviation has not really been in my career building process for obviouse reasons of incompatability.

I have however been lucky enough to have experienced more than my fair share of helicopter flight time (as a passenger only) and can totally understand why you all love rotary aviation so much - it really is a different way to fly and if I wasnt so focused on the criteria I need to meet for my future career goals, I'd be all over learing to fly a heli Smile

I'm sure many people here own thier own aircraft and most people here have Rotary PPL or CPL's - Ironically though, I havent yet done any offical training for a civil licence, although I have done and logged countless unofficial hours fixed wing. It may sound odd, but from what I have been told, the Royal Australian Air Force preffer to recruit candidates that havent picked up civillian (see: not the military way of doing things) habits and train us from scratch! They do however look very favorably upon active interest and involvment with aviation prior to application Smile

I'm lucky enough to have been privilleged with amazing parents who run a large enough and successful enough business to warrant having its own Augusta 109. I've only been in it twice and yes its damn cool, but no I'm not tempted to go down the path of piloting that - unless I fail my RAAF entry Wink

I probably wont post much or often in these forums, just when I have a stupid rotary wing question to ask you guys or when need my fix of aviation talk Wink

Choppers I've been in:

EC-135, Squirrel, Jet Ranger, Kiowa, Blackhawk, Chinook, Huges 500, AUgusta 109.

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