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HeliTorque :: View topic - Fog(gles) - what fun
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Fog(gles) - what fun
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High Flying 'Torquer
High Flying 'Torquer

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 19, 2006 8:29 pm    Post subject: Fog(gles) - what fun Reply with quote

Well, I thought we would be grounded by fog today. Although at the field 15 mins down the road all was fine. So we started a bit of Instrument training, in foggles.

So, I drove to work in fog, watched fog all morning, then I find myself flying in simulated fog. Magic.

When doing this, however, you find just how sensitive an R22 can be. Following instructions, speed this, heading that, I found myself hovering above the runway at the field a couple of times. How on earth we got there I have no idea.

Three things came out of today.
Firstly, the surprise of just how fast you can find yourself with absolutly no idea where you are. Shocked
Secondly, surprise that I seemed to manage it OK. Once you overcome the instrument lag and just take things easy. Very Happy
Lastly, admiration for those who have an IR(H). Perhaps one day, once the headache goes away from the glimpse at the costs. Yikes!

One last note, what an amazing view of the fog sitting there. Tops of pylons showing, nothing else. Quite spooky, alas no camera, but it would have made amazing pics. We could see it creeping (or my instructor could, I was foggled) up toward the field. Nice drive home again, in freezing fog.
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