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Forum Ground Rules
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PostPosted: Sat Jun 04, 2005 10:26 pm    Post subject: Forum Ground Rules Reply with quote

Some ground rules, to help keep things on the right track. Please follow them!!

1) Please try to post your topics in the correct forums. If you are not sure, don't worry - the moderators will probably move your post if there's a more suitable location for it.

2) Personal attacks will not be tolerated. If you have to resort to such behavior, perhaps you belong somewhere else. It is understandable that some discussions can get heated, but please try to maintain civility - we don't want to become "that kind of forum". Foul language and insulting people is not accepatable. If you do not stick to these rules you will get an initial warning and eventually have your account suspended.

3) Do not post the same thread in multiple forums at the same time. Duplicate threads will be deleted. This does not include posting a topic that someone else posted months ago. While usually considered bad form, this certainly isn't worth moderating excessively.

4) Do not speculate or judge, especially where accidents and accident reports are concened. We all want to learn from these things, but remember the people involved, or their families, maybe reading the forums. Just spare a thought for their feelings and have some respect for their privacy.

5) Advice you receive and interpret from the forum should not be take be taken as gospel, especially when discussing flying techniques. Do not "try out" a technique someone has told you about just because they tell you it works! We hope you are professional enough to rely only on what you have been taught and not on what you have heard. At the end of the day, you are the captain, and we cannot be held responsible for anything that happens to you. We certainly would not, however, wish to hear about you in the next AAIB report, so please fly safe!

6) If your post has been edited by a moderator, do not re-edit your post. Talk to the moderator or site administrator before doing so.

We aren't here to make your forum life miserable - we are trying to keep things running smoothly and give people a way of communicating, learning and being able to discuss the subject we all share a passion for - helicopters. Thank you for reading this notice.

HeliTorque Admin
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