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HeliTorque :: View topic - Fixed wing pilot wanting to fly helicopters
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Fixed wing pilot wanting to fly helicopters
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Shy 'Torquer
Shy 'Torquer

Joined: Feb 16, 2011
Posts: 2

PostPosted: Fri Feb 24, 2012 4:05 pm    Post subject: Fixed wing pilot wanting to fly helicopters Reply with quote

Hey folks - I'm looking to get my commercial rotorcraft certificate here in the states.

I've got a little over 250 hours of flight time in various fixed wing aircraft (all small 2 / 4 seaters). I'm insturment rated and am juuuust about three (3!) or so hours away from getting my commercial certificate.

The sad news however, is I've been dirt poor for the past four or so years now and haven't even set foot in an aircraft of any sort! =(

Talking to folks about my desire to fly choppers, I've heard that when I get my commercial certificate I can get an "add-on" rotorcraft certificate? So I've decided to come here to discuss with some of you what I might be up against.

Some things I consider:

    -Since I'm juust about to finish my commercial fixed wing... best to continue with that, then get the add-on rating?
    -How many hours am I looking at if I do the add-on rating?
    -Approximate cost?
    -Best model to train in? (Most likely as "Cheapest model to train in?" lol)

After all that though - the biggest thing is:
WHERE around Nebraska can I train that is cheap?! If there is a substantial difference in price, I'm completely up for moving away for a few months to train. Also compltely free to move around wherever jobs may be. I've been told doing offshore work would be a good career start (and sounds fun!).

Also as a sub-discusson to you instructors out there:
After training however - another big issue I have for fixed wing OR rotorcraft - to gain hours most people instruct. Just thinking of that makes me nervous as hell! =S I'm not very social so I don't believe teaching someone to fly may be my forte, lol. Any insight on this? Do you ever feel prepared to teach someone else? How do you get prepared?
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